Jessica, a graphic designer, developed Naked Eye Design as a side business 9 years ago while building her talents in a professional setting. Today, she has left the corporate world to work directly with clients of her own, as well as be a mother. With nearly a decade of researching, designing, and creating brands, Jessica’s experience has stretched across a vast range of print and digital design. Her background is in a myriad of industries; from energy drinks to construction, to international restaurant corporation, P.F. Chang’s. Jessica has also help create a well know Açai Bowl brand in Arizona, called Berry Divine, from the ground up. She is passionate about her daughter Brae, yoga, traveling, hiking, and off-roading with her husband, Henry. A longtime resident of Sedona, she currently resides with her family in Prescott, Arizona.


Naked Eye’s passion is pervasive design that makes a lasting impression. We focus on detail, brand elements, and keeping things consistent, so you always look your best.

  • Attention to detail
  • Clean – Precise – Perfection
  • Strategy In Every Element
  • Marketing Minded / Conversion Oriented
  • Multi-Format Design Knowledge
  • Extensive Design Experience
The Skinny on Naked Eye Design

Founded in 2010, Naked Eye Design was a response to persistent requests for design consultations, project development, and brand building – with the belief that beautiful design makes a lasting impression. Jess has accomplished a lot during her career, but the journey never gets boring!

Jessica has a BA in Design Management, meaning her knowledge extends from design to business marketing. Henry brings a masters to the table from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Together, these two can help your business exceed from many aspects.
9+ Years of Experience
Time is just a number. My design experience is ranging and my knowledge is derived from several key professional positions. Those positions allowed me to expand beyond design and apply business and marketing experience to my resume.
All Formats
Print, Digital, Large Format, Small Format, Content Editing & Design - We'll find a way to achieve your design need, making it a reality.
We mean Business
We have knowledge of business from Startup to Corporate. We'll tackle any challenge and our talents are scalable. We have resources to get projects done - meeting our elite standards and on time.

Our Presence and Demeanor

Our team is resourceful. Employees and associates are always in flux, but always measure up to our standards. Currently based in Prescott, Arizona, our team works throughout the state, and anywhere else an opportunity takes us.

Graphic Designer

Jessica Ebarb is a system design expert that leverages sharp marketing instictcs, with a fantastic control spacial awareness and the use of color in her approach creating design products. Having built several brands from the ground up, as well as facilitating in the role of brand expansion at PF Chang’s, her experience is as wide ranging, as she is talented. Her various roles have taken from product design and production for small businesses, to event design for organizations like the Super Bowl, Breeder’s Cup, and The Kentucky Derby, to her senior roles at PF Chang’s. A keen eye for proper design controls and methodical in approach, her capabilities ensure that a brand vision is developed from end-to-end.

Client Services

A wealth of client facing experience gives Henry the tact and knowledge needed to tackle projects, build within budgets, and navigate the complications of constantly, rapidly evolving business world.

Henry Ebarb has worked in client strategy and technical product development for over 7 years. In his role as Vice President of Client Strategy at ZOG Digital (now Investis Digital), he oversaw the marketing technology portfolios of Fortune 500 companies, as well as high growth, forward thinking startups. During that time, he was the gatekeeper and strategist for executing the visualization of the brand’s design and technical implementation across digital platforms. Ensuring the cohesion and appearance of the brand was always at the forefront of our efforts. After leaving ZOG to establish Eightfold Technology, he still provides the role of an arbiter in the digital medium for the organizations he works with, such as Safe + Fair, Everspring Partners, Cepheid, and many others.

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